Who We Are


I’m glad that you found our website. I hope the information you’ll find here will give you an idea of what our congregation is all about. In one word, it’s all about Jesus! He’s the whole reason for our existing—both as a congregation, and as individuals who bear His name.

I’d like to invite you to pay us a visit if you’re in our area—or join us for worship online. Caution: Our church is full of people who—friendly and loving as they are, are also imperfect, flawed human beings–sinners, The Bible calls them, but sinners who’ve been saved by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, focused on Christ alone, as revealed in God’s Word alone!

And do you know what…? There’s always room for one more redeemed and loved sinner, at our church and in God’s kingdom!

I look forward to seeing you!

Blessings in the name of the Lord!
Pastor Dave Daumer

What We Believe

What we believe defines who we are and what we do! Trinity Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Southeastern District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. (See links below to learn more about our denomination, including its history and beliefs.)

Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Southeastern District

From God’s Word, we believe that God created the universe and everything in it, and that all things were created good, that is perfect. We also believe that as a result of the willful disobedience of our first parents, we are conceived and born as sinful human beings, incapable of contributing to our salvation.

From God’s Word, we believe that God, in His grace and mercy, desired and planned to save mankind by taking on our humanity in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who took our place in living a perfect life on our behalf, and then suffering and dying on the cross to fully atone for all sins. Jesus also rose from the dead to prove that His Word is true. He ascended into heaven from whence He will return on the Last Day to bring all who believe in Him to heaven to live with Him forever in perfect bodies free from sin and suffering and death.

From God’s Word, we believe that God the Holy Spirit creates and sustains saving faith in our hearts, enabling us to believe in Jesus as our savior and live for Him in this life and in eternity as well.

There are many beliefs within the Christian faith. To learn more, come and visit us and consider taking a class. Come grow with us in faith, worship, service, and fellowship!

Come Grow with Us

Christ at the center—that’s the Lutheran way, Trinity’s way of being and doing. If you would like to learn more about Jesus Christ and our congregation, please feel free to write me at jrmaxwell3@gmail.com. Better yet, please come and visit Trinity. You’ll find a warm welcome—and experience the difference it makes when a congregation lives with Christ at its center.

In Jesus,

John Maxwell,
Congregation President

Trinity’s Mission

“Faithful to Jesus Christ and His Word, we reach out”

Trinity’s Vision

“To grow as disciples and make disciples through God’s gifts of Word and Sacraments; and to live out our faith through witness, acts of mercy, and life together, making a difference in our community.”

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